ESG Investing


  • Clean Tech
  • Climate Change / Carbon
  • Green Buildings
  • Sustainable Natural Resources
  • Alternative Energy


  • Workplace Safety
  • Labor Relations
  • Workplace Benefits (Non-Discriminatory)
  • Community Development
  • Human Rights


  • Executive Compensation
  • Board Diversity
  • Anti-Corruption Policies
  • Board Independence


Unlike traditional “Socially Conscientious” investing, ESG investing rewards companies in any industry (with some small exceptions) that is trying to improve in the ESG areas by giving them access to these investment dollars. As of 2018 that amounted to more than 25% of all the managed investment dollars in the United States, totaling more than $12 Trillion dollars. Companies that are not improving their carbon footprint, offering reasonable family leave policies and insuring a diverse, independent board of directors cannot access these dollars no matter how good their quarterly earnings may be.

Most of these investment dollars are from Foundations, Pension Plans and Endowments with ESG mandates. At this level change is already being forced on our corporate citizens, but to truly have an unavoidable impact the average retail investor must start aligning their values with their money. ESG investing may allow you to do well, while doing some good. Allow us to help in that endeavor.

Socially responsible investing involves the exclusion of certain securities for nonfinancial reasons. This may result in the investor forgoing some market opportunities that may have been available to those not subject to such criteria. There is no guarantee that any investment goal will be met.