Challenges of Lifetime Income

Today's retirees face challenges with no historic precedents. On the positive side, many will live longer, healthier lives than any previous generation. But along with this greater life expectancy comes a longer time period to finance, higher health care costs, and in most cases, no corporate pension plan to supplement income. 

Three of these challenges are as follows:


  • With just a 3-percent inflation rate, the average cost of goods and services will double throughout a 25-year retirement.
  • The costs of health care, utilities, and insurances has far exceeded the overall inflation rate.


  • Average returns are sometimes less important than year-by-year returns.
  • Large investment losses can be compounded when combined with large withdrawal in the same year.


  • Stable returns are important, but so is access to your money.
  • Even the best designed retirement plans can be derailed by unexpected events; you need to balance current liquidity with long-term planning.

There is no magic bullet for financing your retirement. Each individual's life is different, and each financial plan needs to reflect those differences. Keeling Financial Strategies is uniquely positioned to help those approaching and in early retirement put together a plan that incorporates the time-tested advice of the past, with the cutting-edge products and strategies of today.