The Path to a Secure Future

Although we approach each client's financial task uniquely, our advisory strategy centers upon a structured process that helps us offer effective financial guidance. The steps in this process include:

  • Introduction—We are introduced through a referral or seminar. You receive information about Keeling Financial Strategies, our philosophy, and our expertise.
  • Discovery—You gather key personal financial data and come to a no-obligation first meeting. This meeting will culminate in a set of clearly stated personal values and financial goals. You will then decide if you want to hire KFS, and KFS will determine if you meet our qualifications to be a client.
  • Analysis—KFS studies your current financial position and provides a step-by-step process for pursuing your goals and targeting your vision. This analysis is based on your specific values, goals, and current financial situation. It is not manufactured from a preset model.
  • Strategy—KFS presents a comprehensive, written financial plan containing detailed information on your current financial status, recommended strategies for seeking your stated goals, and an ideal timeline to get you from here to there.
  • Consultation—If necessary, we contact your trusted professional advisors in other areas (accountant, attorney, investment managers, etc.) to discuss your values and goals in light of the expertise and assistance they can provide.
  • Implementation—Once you have accepted our recommendations and the time frame has been set, we work with you to implement the strategies. We guide you through the steps to implement these strategies and serve as your advocate when dealing with other professionals.
  • Review—We help you stay on the timeline to accomplish the plan recommendations—and will modify the timeline as needed. You are always aware of what strategies are being implemented and remain in complete control of the process.
  • Monitoring—KFS monitors your plan and makes adjustments in response to changes in the economy, investment markets, portfolio strategy, tax laws, and your personal finances. We conduct updates and review appointments at least once a year, and more often if necessary or requested.