Bob's Full Bio

Over his 50-year working career, there is very little Bob hasn’t done: he has been an air traffic controller in the U.S. Marine Corps, a pilot, a funeral director, a bank lending officer, a manager of real estate properties, president of a major U.S. corporation, and founder of Keeling Financial Strategies. Along the way, Bob has devoted himself to many charitable organizations in the various places he has lived, but none more that Hospice and Palliative Care of Cape Cod, now called Hope Health. Starting out as a patient volunteer, Bob served on the board of directors, taking the role of chairman in 2007. During the past decade, Hope Health has grown from a regional provider of hospice services to a multi-state provider of free end-of-life care. You can learn more about Hope Health Care here.

While Bob is no longer putting in full work weeks at the office, he is always available to his clients and helps navigate the overall direction and management of Keeling Financial. He is proud of the company he has built and the clients it so faithfully serves.